About us


We want to change the way the world
cooks, serves, and delivers food.

Culinary Machines Overseas GmbH

Culinary Machines Overseas GmbH has been on the market for more than 10 years, and over the years we have become professionals in selecting equipment for our customers. We work with the most professional equipment in the HORECA segment.

Our concept simplifies and improves the workflow in a professional kitchen. No document or meeting will be left out – we control all processes and take the responsibility for their results. Our company’s main task is to help with selection of professional equipment. It is important for us to make cooking processes borderless.

Our solutions

Our solutions are the result of the combination of our partners’ efforts and the desires of our customers. For our partners, it is important to bring people to tables to enjoy the magic moments of the taste and togetherness.

We always listen to our customers’ opinions and create a wide range of individual solutions. That way, everyone will benefit from enjoying more delicious and nutritious food, better work environment in the kitchen and improvements in the quality of life today and in the future.