High tech for cooking and baking

Baking sheet 1/1 GN with perforation

Fastest and best pans, GN containers, multi-chip plates, baking trays, grill grates, etc. for professional and consumer

HIFFICIENCY® represents maximum efficiency, enabled by modern lightweight construction with ultimate stability.

The short preheating time saves costs, time and – especially useful for female users – strength. Last but not least, their long lifespan means that HIFFICIENCY® products are good for both the environment and your budget.

The patented DURAPEK® high-performance coating is used for cooking accessories for use in ovens up to 300°C. It is solvent-free and lye-resistant, with outstanding non-stick effect, excellent durability and optimum glide properties. This usually negates the need for baking paper and greasing when baking, while little to no oil is needed for cooking and frying.