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HOUNÖ has developed and produced combi ovens in Denmark since 1977. They were among the first in the world to produce combi ovens, and these roots of ingenuity shape HOUNÖ to this day. HOUNÖ  have strong Scandinavian roots, which are expressed in our solution-oriented approach to oven design; striven to create user-friendly solutions that suit your specific needs and requirements.


Choose Visual Cooking when quality matters. These combi ovens are your multi-functional partners in the kitchen. With a host of exciting cooking modes and features, they take cooking to the next level and ensure delicious cooking results, year after year.


Size matters in small kitchens. That’s why our CombiSlim ovens only measure 51.3 cm in width. These combi ovens are ideal for small-scale kitchens or for satellite kitchens in combination with our Visual Cooking ovens. CombiSlim ovens are available in 2 sizes that use 1/1 GN trays.


The range of HOUNĂ– Protect products had been developed to reflect an excellent standard for cleaning and maintaining Visual Cooking and CombiSlim combi ovens. We offer cleaning products that protect and preserve combi ovens, enabling them to perform exceptionally every day.