Sizzling Hot in Seconds

Heat cast iron skillets to sizzling hot in just seconds with the CookTek FaHeater Induction Skillet Warmer.

Specs for Faheater

 mcf100 Mcf200
W/D/H 352 x 414 x 126 mm 352 x 414 x 126 mm
Weight 8 kg 8 kg
Watts 1,800W (15A) 3,500W (15A)


  • Quickly, efficiently, and safely heats cast iron skillets in any commercial kitchen
  • Programmable – three preset timers (25, 45, and 70 seconds) with the option to adjust timers to allow for different sized skillets and/or skillet-served products
  • No flames or hot surfaces provide for a safer, cooler kitchen
  • Portable countertop design uses minimal space
  • Easy-to-clean glass ceramic top surface
  • Integral grease filter and air baffle ensure air intake is cleaner and cooler

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