Fast Chef Elite+Gourmet


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Quick and versatile

More sustainable and more profitable than an open fryer
24% less energy consumption*
37% less oil consumption*
27% less frying time*

Smokeless, odourless.

It only releases dry air free of odour particles.

Risk free

The chamber isolates the high temperatures and protects the operator. Anti-fire system with double sensor and control software

Clean and easy

The frying process does not dirty the surroundings or other components of the machine.

  • Protects oil from the light
  • Controls the temperature at two heights
  • Minimizes oil contact with oxygen
  • Continuously  moves the oil
  • Condenses and filters

Load and fry

Suitable for medium demand, where it is most practical to load and fry. Equipped to fry two portions at once, while the third waits in the input hopper.

Intelligent electronics

Thanks to the advanced Touchscreen Display developed in the Fast Chef Elite + range, you will be able to intuitively control the number of portions, the language, the refilling of oil and many other options which will make your work easier


Technical description

Electronic programming Micro SD
Construction stainless steel AISI 304 L y 430
Oil  capacity 5.5 litres
Dimensions 770 x 670 x 500mm (W/D/H)
Electricity 4.6 KW / 230V 50-60Hz / Single phase 20 AMP
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