High h Conveyor 2620

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The High h Conveyor 2620 offers high-heat tranfer rates which allows it to cook up to 100 12-inch pizzas in an hour – and it’s ventless.


Technical Specs for High h Conveyor 2620

Conveyor Specs

Ex/Interior Construction Stainless Steel
Oven W/D/H 1227  x 1059 x 432 mm
Cook Chamber 394 x 368 x 152 mm
Weight 118 kg
Belt Length 1227 mm
Bake Time Range 30 seconds to 15 minutes

Cook times

Toasted Italian Sandwich 60 Sec
French Fries 2 Min
16-inch Pizza (fresh dough) 2 Min 45 Sec
Chicken Wings (frozen) 4 Min
Chocolate Chip Cookies (3 oz.) 6 Minutes 30 Seconds


  • 26-inch cook chamber opening
  • Independently-controlled top and bottom air impingement
  • Variable-speed High h recirculating impingement airflow system
  • Dual catalytic converters for ventless operation (must request when ordering)
  • Optional split belt with individually-adjustable speed settings(split 50/50 and 70/30)
  • Stackable design up to 3 high (requires stacking kits)
  • Variable-speed blower motors
  • Easy to clean mono-finger design
  • Idle mode for energy conservation
  • Built-in self diagnostics for monitoring oven components
  • Left or right feed conveyor belt direction via software
  • Includes plug and cord (6 ft. nominal)
  • Includes two 6-inch conveyor extensions
  • Warranty – one year parts and labor
  • Smart voltage sensor technology (U.S. only)