ICEU126-Self-Contained Cube Ice

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Delivery time: 2-3 weeks

The Perfect Ice for Any Occasion
It’s that familiar clinking sound in your favorite beverage. It’s the fresh, crystal-clear ice that tumbles into glasses at restaurants, bars and stores around the world, cooling the drink while preserving the flavor. Our bistrot cube ice never goes out of style and is perfect for any application or occasion. Long-lasting bistrot cube ice is the right choice for a wide variety of uses.

Reliable and Effortless Performance
Our self-contained bistrot cube ice makers are designed with many practical features that make them reliable and carefree to operate.  With durable stainless steel top panels and convenient slide-away doors, the self-contained models are perfect for bars, wait stations and undercounter applications.

System Safe: Load-monitoring system continuously checks workload on gearbox, shutting down system before a problem develops and preventing costly repairs.

Water Sensor: Water sensor eliminates low or no water failures and can not be affected by adverse water conditions.

Evaporator: Rugged stainless steel evaporator and auger ensure reliability.

Industrial-Grade Roller Bearings: Industrial-grade dual-row roller bearings are located outside the ice-making zone for corrosion resistance and longer-lasting performance.

Heavy-Duty Gear Box: Heavy-duty gearbox provides years of trouble-free service.

No Side Clearance Required: Front and rear air exchanges for side-by-side machine operation.

Ice Type Cube
Dimensions (W/D/H) 467 x 570 x 790 mm
Ice Production Up to 63 kg daily
Ice Storage Up to 22 kg
HZ 50 HZ
CONDENSER TYPE Air Cooled or Water Cooled