iQ 630

incl. 19% VAT

Automation and versatility

Cook 2 products at the same time while keeping 4 on standby

250g for individuals portions
600g for large portions

Large scale automation

More sustainable and more profitable than an open fryer
24% less energy consumption*
37% less oil consumption*
27% less frying time*

Smokeless, odourless.

It only releases dry air free of odour particles.

Risk free

The chamber isolates the high temperatures and protects the operator. Anti-fire system with double sensor and control software

Clean and easy

The frying process does not dirty the surroundings or other components of the machine.

  • Protects oil from the light
  • Controls the temperature at two heights
  • Minimizes oil contact with oxygen
  • Continuously  moves the oil
  • Condenses and filters
  • NO RISK of burns for the operator
    without complications no extra staff
    Hot and freshly made dishes all day

An unparalleled pace
Without need to reload for each portion. Its innovative design allows five portions of 500 grams, four in the carousel and one in the frying chamber.

Multiple product management
You will only have to take the container full of the freshly fried portion and move one of the empty containers to the middle of the drawer.


Technical description

Loading hoppers 4 zone + 2 cooking
250 – 600 g (max. 2.5 kg))
Display 5’’ touchscreen
Oil  capacity 5.5 litres
Dimensions 856х670х630 mm
Electricity 4.6 KW / 230V 50-60Hz / Single phase 20 AMP
Weight 70 kg