Lever Steamhammer

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This is traditional coffee machine is loved and appreciated by so many generations for its simplicity and quality.

The presence of its manual group gives reliability to be machine and ensures an axcellent performance of the final product.


  • Underlevel spear: long spear that allows steamless modulability
  • Smooth flow: dispensing flow sweet and steady for an espresso made with velvety homogeneous texture
  • Steam box: it allows personalization of pressure and flow of steam to get a compact and hydrated cream
  • Mug bowl: this reversible grid facilitates the management of different sized cups.
  • Customizable machine


  1 group 2 group 3 group
Net weight 52 kg 78 kg 90 kg
Power 2900 W 3500 W 4500 W
W/D/H 490 x 570 x 600 mm 730 x 570 x 600 mm 930 x 570 x 600 mm