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Superior Warming with Minimal Noise and Power

With low, consistent heat and no need for cooling fans, The CookTek Silenzio induction buffet warmers are quiet, allowing guests to focus on the food, not the food warming equipment

Specs for Silenzio

15″ square round
W/D/H 381 x 381 x 95 mm 330 x 95 mm
Weight 5.9 kg 3.8 kg
Watts 200-240 VAC 1-ph 1,000W (5A) 7200-240 VAC 1-ph 650W (4A)


  • Low wattage allows for silent performance while using less power
    • Up to two 650W units per 100–120 VAC, 15-amp circuit
    • Up to three 650W or 1000W units per 200–240 VAC, 15-amp circuit
    • Up to four 650W or 1000W units per 200–240 VAC, 20-amp circuit
  • Available in a square or round drop-in design
  • Unobtrusive, easy-to-clean plain black tempered glass
  • Four standard temperature settings with option to add up to 11 temperature settings ranging from 80°F–250°F (27°C–121°C)
  • Maximum temperature limit (250°F/121°C) does not require additional cabinet fans and prevents damage to servingware
  • Lock feature prevents unwanted setting changes