VS270P Vacuum Sealer

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The SousVideTools® VS270P Vacuum Sealer allows for up to 50 bag seals in a row. Other vacuum sealers on the market require a 40 second break between bag seals, to allow the seal element to cool! It also have an easy lock handle, that was designed so no pressure is required to close the lid and lock a bag into position ready for vacuum sealing. With a gentle push the easy lock handle clips the lid closed and vacuuming can begin.

*Please note that this machine is not designed for heavy duty/commercial use.

Dimensions 405W x 160D x 95H mm
Chamber Dimensions N/A
Sealing Length 300mm
Vacuum Cycle Time 20 litres/min
Maximum Recommmended Vacuum Cycles Per Session: 50

Product details:

  • Small compact design for ease-of-use and portability
  • Comfortable one-handed operation due to foldable locking handle
  • Wide, easy-to-load and clean vacuum channel
  • Durable double piston pump with up to 20 litres/min and a maximum vacuum of -0.9 bar
  • Practical progress indicator
  • Adjustable vacuum strength for hard and soft food
  • Manual Sealing
  • Electronic temperature monitoring
  • 30cm wide seal bar for sealing bags up to 30cm wide. Double welding
  • One-touch ‘Auto Vac & Seal’ mode for effortless vacuum sealing
  • Dry and moist food modes to ensure a complete seal with any food type
  • Pulse setting to control vacuum and prevent crushing delicate items
  • Accessory port for marinating and vacuum sealing canisters (Canisters not included)
  • Removable bag cutter accessory for cutting rolls and opening bags
  • Includes: 10 (20cm x 30cm) Embossed Vacuum Sealer Bags as samples