Power and Speed for More Precise Cooking

CookTek portable countertop woks heat food evenly, quickly, and efficiently, with easy-to-clean surfaces and energy efficient technology.

Specs for Countertop Wok

Standart PN Apogee PN
W/D/H 375 x 438 x 186 mm 392 x 494 x 186 mm
Weight 9.98 kg 10.6 kg

Specs for Drop-in Wok

Standart PN Standart PN
W/D/H 319 x 419 x 156 mm 410 x 525 x 175 mm
Weight 9.98 kg 13.1 kg


  • 170% more efficient and 3x more powerful than a gas burner
  • Precise heating control for consistently exceptional results
  • No flames or hot surfaces provide for a safer, cooler kitchen
  • Automatic pan detection allows for instant energy transmission to pan
  • Available in countertop or drop-in models 0-20 power settings
  • Traditional control knob
  • Easy-to-clean glass ceramic wok bowl
  • Integral grease filter and air baffle ensure air intake is cleaner and cooler
  • Super charged, 3-phase wok available

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