We believe in the quality technologies
and lots of ways to cook delicious food.


LUCY is the innovative dispenser for honey,
jams and hazelnut cream, very simple to use
and adaptable to any kind of room.

Innovations, ideas, and technologies to allow
baristas to be creative in their work and to
achieve top performance and quality.

The Ipinium concept simplifies and improves
the workflow in the professional kitchen.
But what it really means is more time!

Eatgood Sweden AB offer the market a
technology that fries with the help of steam
and warm air, rather than with frying oil.

The innovator in inductionwarming, cooking,
and heated delivery systems for commercial
kitchens and restaurants.

TurboChef has redefined cooking efficiency
by designing rapid-cook ovens that are
versatile, user-friendly, and save energy.